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The offices top Yuma knee surgeon, Rodney D. Henderson, M.D. P.C., are conveniently located at 2281 West 24th Street, Suite 1 in Yuma, Arizona 85364. Appointments are made in advance with a twenty four hour cancellation policy requested. Payment arrangements are expected to be made prior to care, with the office being happy to help with filing claims and will bill insurance companies for those with the appropriate coverage. Prescription renewals and authorizations should be made during regular business hours with the exception of extreme or emergency situations.

Your First Visit

As Dr. Henderson works to get you back to your prime, our office staff is hard at work making sure that you get the appointments you need, have the medical forms that the doctor will need, and working with participating insurance plans.

We keep it pretty simple around here. These are a few things patients can do to help:

  1. We make every effort to stick to our appointment schedule and hope that patients will help out by cancelling any appointments they are unable to make 24 hours in advance.
  2. In an effort to decrease the cost of medical care we request payment arrangements for all office services at the time they are rendered, unless prior arrangements have been made. We will bill a patient’s participating insurance provider, but payments remain the patient’s responsibility.
  3. We ask that patients call us during regular office hours to request prescription authorizations. It is during this time that we will have full records available and can best help. Dr. Henderson’s Yuma office is easy to get to and fully staffed with people who want to make it as easy as possible for patients to get better.

Procedures Performed

On the cutting edge of orthopedic medicine, Dr. Henderson performs arthoscopy on knees, hip reconstruction, knee reconstruction, partial knee replacement, foot and ankle surgery, hand surgery, shoulder and elbow surgery, trauma and fracture care, and minimally invasive surgery for repairs that once demanded greater downtime.

When appropriate, Dr. Henderson utilizes computer-assisted surgery. In short, this technology uses computers for pre-surgical planning and for guiding surgical procedures.

Knee Replacements

While performing knee replacement, Dr. Henderson utilizes ConforMIS personalized knee replacement technology (when appropriate).

Because the knee is the largest and one of the most complex joints in the body, it is never a one-size-fits-all situation. People with healthy knees are able to flex, bend, rotate and glide, all without pain. When pain becomes a constant companion while performing any of these simple movements, it may be time to consider intervention.

ConforMIS technology allow Dr. Henderson is to craft an implant based upon a patient’s particular underlying problem. As a knee surgeon Dr. Henderson has yet another option in ConforMIS implants for patients looking for an alternative to a total knee replacement.

Dr. Henderson is well informed and always apprised of new and developing technology in the field of orthopedics, as advances in technology allow Dr. Henderson to offer the best care possible. When choosing a treatment plan, Dr. Henderson customizes it to meet a patient’s particular needs, stage in life, and overall health. The goal in every case is to ensure that each patient will have the best possible outcome.